ESCHATOS is Coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation in Japan

Ule Lopez

Qute Corporation is going to bring ESCHATOS and make it cross from the Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. ESCHATOS will be released on both consoles inside of Japan. However, both versions are planned to be released outside of Japan in the near future. The game will come out on Switch first on November 15 while the PS4 version's release date is unannounced.

A teaser trailer by Qute Corporation can be seen below:

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ESCHATOS takes place in the year 21XX as an alien force known as the Purple Erosion takes over the moon and invades planet Earth. Players then take on the alien invasion using their advanced space aircraft with the objective of recapturing the Moon and ending the alien menace once and for all.

The game's a top-down shooter with multiple game modes and difficulty settings for players of all skill levels. It has a dynamic camera system that creates a sense of exhilarating speed as players trek through Earth and go to space to confront the forces deployed by the Purple Erosion.

Other key features according to Steam's game description include:

  • Intuitive and fun scoring system with a high skill ceiling! Scramble to wipe out the enemy waves as quickly as possible in Original mode, manage risk and reward in the challenging Advanced mode, and outrun the time limit in Time Attack mode. High score chasers are welcome!
  • Multiple weapons add strategic depth. The Front Shot is powerful but has a limited firing angle. The Wide Shot can hit many enemies but has a short-range. Finally, the Shield can inflict heavy damage and deflect bullets – but at perilously close range! Utilize all of them to get the best results, and don’t let the enemies get away!
  • The dynamic camera system creates a sense of exhilarating speed as you explore 5 beautiful stages, including temple ruins, Earth’s orbit, and the alien moon base.
  • Encounter massive bosses. Battle screen-filling UFOs and other strange enemies!
  • Check out the top players on the online leaderboards, or share your best run with a friend using the downloadable replay system!
  • Turn up the volume and enjoy a phenomenal retro-synth soundtrack composed by Yousuke Yasui!

The original version of ESCHATOS was released in 2011 on Xbox 360. The game was later ported to PC through Steam worldwide in 2015. The game was released alongside other two Qute Corporation titles known as Judgement Silversword and Cardinal Sins. The PC port of the game has both releases being bundled together as separate content.


News Source: Gematsu

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