Epic Games Has Appealed Last Week’s Ruling in the Epic v. Apple Case

Francesco De Meo
Epic Games

Epic Games has filed an appeal to last week's ruling in the Epic v. Apple case, as revealed by a document that is now available online.

The document, which can be found here, doesn't provide any additional detail, only confirming that the company has appealed the ruling made last week which ruled that Epic Games has to pay damages to Apple for violenting the company's rules in regards to in-app purchases.

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Notice is hereby given that Epic Games, Inc., Plaintiff and Counter-Defendant in the above-named case, appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit from the final Judgment entered on September 10, 2021 (ECF No. 814), and all orders leading to or producing that judgment, including but not limited to the Rule 52 Order After Trial on the Merits (ECF No. 812) and the Permanent Injunction (ECF No. 813), each entered on the same date.

Friday's ruling in the Epic v. Apple case also forces Apple to allow developers to redirect App Store users to other payment methods. You can find the ruling below.

Apple Inc. and its officers, agents, servants, employees, and any person in active concert or participation with them (“Apple”), are hereby permanently restrained and enjoined from prohibiting developers from (i) including in their apps and their metadata buttons, external links,or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms, in addition to In-AppPurchasing and (ii) communicating with customers through points of contact obtained voluntarily from customers through account registration within the app.

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