Epic Games Store Brings in $680 million in its First Year, List of Top Games Revealed

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The Epic Games Store launched around a year ago in December 2018, attracting juuuust a touch of controversy in the 12 months since. But setting aside all the, uh, spirited debate, a big question remains – has the Epic Games Store actually been successful? Well, Epic has released some business metrics for their store, and the answer is yes, it has been successful…with some caveats.

According to Epic, their store and launcher has amassed 108 million players, which is more than the approximately 90 million players who use Steam. That said, the 108 million players figure is a bit deceptive, as it takes into account Fortnite, which is sold through the Epic Game Store on PC. To get a sense of home much of the Epic Games Store’s business is generated by Fortnite, you have to look at revenue.

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According to Epic, their store has brought in revenue of $680 million, with $251 million coming from third-party games. We can assume almost all of the first-party revenue comes from Fortnite, which works out to about $430 million for the battle royale game. So yeah, for most people the Epic Games Store and launcher is still just a way to play Fortnite. Ultimately, the store still has a ways to go before it matches Steam, which brought in over $4 billion in revenue in 2017.

In addition to revealing how much money they made, Epic also announced the top 9 EGS sellers (presumably they didn’t go for 10 because the top spot is owned by Fortnite). The best-sellers are World War Z, Borderlands 3, Untitled Goose Game, Metro Exodus, Control, The Outer Worlds, The Division 2, Dauntless, and Satisfactory. It’s unknown if the games were listed in any sort of meaningful order. Meanwhile, EGS' weekly free games have been downloaded 200 million times. Free games will continue to be offered throughout 2020.

So there you go – the Epic Games Store got off to a nice start in its first year, but it still has more to do if it wants to be a legit Steam competitor. We’ll see if Epic can build on their success in 2020.