Envelop VR Has The Right Idea For A Virtual Reality Shell for Windows – Stands Apart From Other Offerings

Envelop is a software company that is known for its virtual reality designs and operations. Recently, we have been hearing a lot about its plans for a Windows “Virtual Reality (VR) Shell”. Even the word VR is enough to arouse our interests but added to Windows, it brings about an entirely new dimension. But what does this shell do?

This shell will allow the user to access all apps on the PC via virtual reality. VR softwares like Virtual Desktop, BigScreen, and Steam VR interface reflect the workings of what goes on the outside of a VR display. Differentiating Envelop’s VR solution from the rest hasn’t been easy till now. This very expensive solution, that closed a $5.5 million funding at the start of the year, is no doubt different.

What differentiates Envelop VR from other VR solutions?

The other solutions like Virtual Desktop and BigScreen, currently are tied entirely to our physical displays and cannot function without these devices. You use these softwares by using dummy plugs or ‘headless ghosts’ as they are more commonly known as. These devices help you to create screens in VR around you. Envelop VR, however, breaks down each window on your screen into separate screens that can be used in your virtual environment.

You may not understand this difference now, but if you want to experience it fully, give it a practical try. In the case of Envelop you will find a different experience. In front of you will be your monitor that can have multiple windows open at once, but we all know more than 2 or 3 can make our screen very cluttered. Envelop VR will provide you with screens on either side of you that you can work on individually and will not create clutters on your monitor. Virtual Desktop and BigScreen allows you to only resize your whole monitor screen.

Envelop may be a little buggy right now but it is moving towards the perfect VR Shell for Windows


It is evident that Envelop still requires a lot of work to be done on it. But despite its flaws and bugs, Envelop shows potential. With the recent funding that took place, Envelop has the budget to improve. The current version of beta displays a black screen by default. This is a minor bug that comes with a testing release but it is essential that the web browser adapts to the new VR technology for efficient working. All VR solutions must be capable of handling multiple Windows apps and web browsers. Without this all solutions would be flawed and pointless. Envelop VR needs to enhance its capabilities and it it promises new enhancements and features in the future.

As the world of VR opens up new doors and new opportunities, more and more companies are seeking VR technology. We’ll be keeping a close watch on all VR solutions to see which one progresses first and provides us with easier solutions to our problems. Every software provides us with one feature that is better than the rest like Envelop has the multi window feature and BigScreen has multi player functionality. As many companies are now entering the VR market we can hope for software in the future that will provide us with all the features that we find in different places.

Source: UploadVR

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