Would you #EnterTheMetro for a Live Action Metro: Last Light Short Film?


Metro: 2033 was a graphical marvel on the PC which bought even the most strongest of PC's down to their knees where even people with i7 980 / 990X would be struggling to run the game at full and not even reach 60 FPS even with the most powerful GPU on the market at the time, but now the horror is making a comeback but not before it comes out as a Live Action movie to help fans get excited for the actual game release. Are you brave enough to Enter the Metro again?

Metro 2033 required a powerhouse of a rig to be able to even run above 30FPS and not only was it graphical eye candy at its finest but it also delivered one hell of an experience for horror FPS fans, while the horrors were ranged from jumpscares to even soiling your undergarments it wasn't any wonder that a sequel to the popular FPS has already been announced, while the game itself is pegged for a 2013 release date the game will steal continue to tease gamers throughout the year at various gaming conventions and beyond so keep those flash lights and gas masks ready.

While fans wait ever so patiently for the game there is a live action short film in the works which is due out for release on the coming Thursday on the 24th of May.

For now here is the limited list of times for the premiere of the short film:

LA 08.00 | New York 11.00 | London 16.00 | Central Europe 17.00 | Moscow 20.00

you can find out more details by going to EnterTheMetro's official website. If you are a fan of the game or even of horror in general the short film is definitely worth a watch, I know I will be loading this short film in 1080p on YouTube.