EnGadget sure doesn’t like the EVO

According to Android Forums, EnGadget started a poll between the Apple iPhone 4 and the HTC EVO 4G apparently when the EVO started getting more votes EnGadget deleted the article.

This just shows how unprofessional EnGadget truly is, they deleted an article knowing that people are preferring the Google Android OS over the more expensive iPhone 4, It's no secret that EnGadget are huge Apple fan boys but there is a certain limit to being a fan boy now isn't there? I will admit that even right now Apple iPhone sales are MUCH greater compared to the Android phones but given time Android can easily catch up to the competition.

The Sony PlayStation 3 for example is getting close to the Microsoft XBOX 360 sales despite their release dates being nearly a year apart, so if consoles are able to gain speed with each other there is no reason why Android can't accomplish the same thing.

But EnGadget should at least hold the professionalism of a site and shouldn't go around deleting articles when their favorite phone is losing a race.


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