Encrypting folders in MacOSX using Disk Utility

Abdullah Saad

I don't usually cover security issues in my articles or reviews. But this is something that I have been trying to figure out for some time now, mostly because I wanted to help a select group of friend wanting to share files in a secure manner.

So here it goes, a guide to individually encrypting your folders natively in MacOS.

1. Open Disk Utility.

2. Click File, choose New, select Disk Image from folder

3. Choose the folder that you want to encrypt.

4. Select Encryption method (256-bit AES for more secure, but slow encryption / 128-bit AES for a regular security but faster encryption).

5. Write your password and uncheck remember password in keychain, in order to keep the computer from remembering your password to this secure folder. Click okay and you're done.

The resultant secure folder will be a DMG file, which upon being clicked will prompt you for a password. Without entering the required password, all the information inside the folder will be digitally scrambled, rendering it useless for someone trying gain unauthorized access to it.

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