Automatically Activate Do Not Disturb For Calendar Events With MeetingDnD


Do Not Disturb is an important feature integrated within iOS that silences all incoming alerts whether it be calls, messages or any kind of notifications. With just a single toggle, all of your incoming notifications are silenced. The feature comes into use while you're in a meeting or any other situation where you don't want yourself to be disturbed. However, if you're the type of person who gets a lot of invites for meetings and other events, where notification alerts are a distraction, you can make use of the MeetingDnD jailbreak tweak.

Stock Do Not Disturb feature in iOS does not have the capability to integrate with your calendar events. However, the MeetingDnD tweak does have this feature and allows automatic integration with your calendar entries.. This means your phone will directly undergo the Do Not Disturb mode for the events that are enrolled in the calendar. It ultimately takes your mind and hands off from flicking the Do Not Disturb toggle every time before the meeting.

Let's ponder over some more details on the MeetingDnD jailbreak tweak.

Activate Do Not Disturb Mode Automatically Before The Event

At the bottom of the recent event, MeetingDnD adds a Do Not Disturb toggle. Before you proceed with the Do Not Disturb mode, do take note that it should not be set to an all day event. Along with this, make sure you have associated at least one  alert for the event. Doing this will automatically guide MeetingDnD to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode on as the event starts. It's easy and it's professional.

The tweak also comes with its own preference pane located in the Settings. You have the availability to select the automatic set of action to enable the Do Not Disturb mode when you create an event. You can also make sure that the scheduled Do Not Disturb mode remains enabled throughout the event.

The stock Do Not Disturb mode can be scheduled to be enabled before the event starts. However, this only works for one event at a time. MeetingDnD allows you to schedule Do Not Disturb mode for as many events as you want. Henceforth, this is one of the most important apps for people who have events and meetings piled up on their calendar.

If you're the professional kind, we would totally recommend you guys to give this tweak a try. The MeetingDnD is available on Cydia's BigBoss repo for $1.99. If you think this tweak is of any help to you, leave a comment below.