Elyon Closed Beta Giveaway – Try This New PC Fantasy MMORPG

Alessio Palumbo

As we reported a few weeks ago, the first Western closed beta test for the PC fantasy MMORPG Elyon will take place between tomorrow and May 10th.

Developed by Bluehole Studio, the team known for the MMORPG TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) and for PUBG, Elyon launched this past December in the studio's home country of South Korea. This Western release will see Kakao Games as the game's publisher, and it is thanks to them that we've got a thousand beta codes to give away.

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Once you've picked up a code from the Gleam box below, head to the official website and log in with your Kakao Games account or register a new account in case you haven't got one. Upon logging in, head to the account overview page to redeem the Elyon beta code and then download the client from this page (which also lists the rather tame system requirements).

There's no Non-Disclosure Agreement restriction in place for this test, so feel free to comment, share, stream and whatnot. Enjoy!

Elyon Beta Giveaway

Extensive character customization
Create your own unique character with extensive customization tools and detail-oriented options. Want to go the extra mile? Take your look to the next level with the Equipment Dye system.

Deep skill customization
Modify the way your skills and character respond with Skill Attributes, Rune Attributes, and Mana Awakening.

Realm vs Realm battles
Engage in large scale Realm vs Realm battles with the assistance of heavy artillery, mechas, and dragons!

Clan Wars
Compete with other clans and establish yourself as the best of the best. Top clans get to control Dimensional Portals and collect taxes from any player that enters them.

Gather, craft, and trade
Make your own high grade equipment and other consumables that will aid you in battle. Have unused materials? You can sell them via Trading and make a profit!

Open-world PvP
Players of opposing Realms can attack each other anywhere in the world. When in conflict zones, players can claim Laurel Wreaths of Greed, allowing them to attack any player be it enemy or ally - but the use of such power comes with dire risks.

Dungeons, Arenas and Dimensional Portals
Enjoy a variety of PvP and PvE content, from classic 1vs1 to Free For All arenas, to dungeons filled with clever mechanics. Dimensional Portals will lead you to planes of rich resources that will help you become stronger.

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