Elite: Dangerous Surface Recon Vehicles Video Surfaces

Jeff Williams

Frontier Developments is very excited about being able to let us finally fly through the atmosphere of the millions of habitable and uninhabitable planets in Elite: Dangerous. Before it becomes playable Frontier has a new video that shows us some in-depth detail about what roaming around on a barren planet is going to look like.

Red rover, red rover, send my recon vehicle right over.

The video they've posted is a fascinating look into the process they've gone through to finally be able to add in one of the most wanted features in the game. The rover itself shares the same HUD that you'll see in your ship for familiarity sake. And it seems that differing masses also effect gravity, which effect how much fun you can have in the little rover.

It actually looks like a tremendous amount of fun to play and even a lucrative part of the game with mineral rich planetoids being a potential source of lots of money. This planet-fall addition will be part of a paid expansion, Elite Dangerous: Horizons, that's set to be released later this holiday season. Thus far it looks as if it'll add some much needed value to the game, though we still gave it high marks for the expansive nature of Elite: Dangerous.

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