Elite: Dangerous Powerplay is Out Today, Fight With Your Faction, Make a Difference

Frontier Developments is releasing their third major update of Elite: Dangerous today. Elite: Dangerous Powerplay adds quite a few new features, the biggest being the ability to shape the galactic political environment with your decisions and missions have vastly more impact.

Elite: Dangerous Powerplay
Elite: Dangerous Powerplay
Elite: Dangerous Powerplay

The Elite: Dangerous Powerplay update is being pushed out today, with new strategic elements, ships and more new features.

Powerplay is a much awaited update to Elite: Dangerous. At times it seemed as if what you did never really mattered in the larger sense. That and the political was never really tied into any of your actions. It was just a blurb in the background, stories that meant little and had no consequences.

With Powerplay, they've introduced a way to fight for territory for the political faction of your choice. You can band together with other players and complete missions that effect who controls the galaxy. Help conquer the galaxy and be rewarded for your actions. And those outcomes are now persistent.

Players are rewarded with valuable perks, reputation bonuses and unique equipment for their allegiance as they defend their territory and conquer human space. Every action taken in Powerplay will have a direct and visible impact on the balance of galactic power for all players.

Of course there are other changes that come with Update 1.3. You'll find three brand new ships, the Lakon Diamondback Scout, Lakon Diamondback Explorer and the Imperial Courier to save up for. The full changes are below.

  • An enhanced mission system with new objectives and new ways to play.
  • Three new ships: the Lakon Diamondback Scout, Lakon Diamondback Explorer and the Imperial Courier.
  • Drones for cargo collection, fuel trading and prospecting.
  • A new illustrated GalNet newsfeed, accessible directly in players’ ship UI.
  • High and low intensity mining sites, adding risk to mining and increasing potential rewards.
  • New minable commodities.
  • An updated bounty system.
  • Upgraded UI and animated emblems for ranking up.
  • Numerous other improvements to gameplay and performance.

Elite: Dangerous is a fantastic open-galaxy space epic. The only problem was that it was missing just a few things to make it seem like a living and breathing environment. This is a step in the right direction that only proves to improve upon an already great game. You can make your own way in a recreation of the Milky Way galaxy in whichever direction you choose.

Elite: Dangerous is out now on Steam and direct through Frontier Developments. The update should be pushing through the launcher now, or very soon.

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