The Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel Update Live on PC; Xbox One and Playstation 4 Updates Coming October 18


The launch of the One Tamriel free update on PC brings a complete overhaul to many gameplay mechanics for The Elder Scrolls Online. Xbox One and Playstation 4 users will be able to visit the new and improved Tamriel on October 18th.

The free update removes the Alliance restrictions, thus allowing players to group with any other player in the world regardless of faction. This will make looking for a pick-up group for questing a lot easier than before.

Not only has the grouping restrictions been lifted, but all zones will scale to your current level. This means that adventurers can now venture to anywhere in the open-world as soon as the tutorial is complete.

Some of the major changes coming Elder Scrolls Online in the One Tamriel up include the following:

  • Dueling: Players can now battle each other anywhere outside Cyrodiil to test their skills and builds and claim bragging rights as the toughest adventurer
  • Zone Overhaul: All zones have been redesigned for a mix of solo and group play with improved bosses and standardized difficulty
  • Dungeons: All dungeons can be played in normal and veteran mode, where story is separated from difficulty and players are battle-leveled to allow players of different levels to play together, and receive level-appropriate loot
  • Craglorn: The massive Craglorn zone has been redesigned to make it solo-friendly but still the go-to location for group content
  • Loot: Loot in zones has now been standardized like dungeon loot, making it possible to acquire specific sets in specific zones at whatever level you are when completing quests

The One Tamriel free update is now live for PC and will be launching on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 18th. If you don't have the game, you can now get The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition which contains all four major DLC game packs.

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