Elder Scrolls Online Servers Fail Under Load of Console Release


The launch of any game these days seems to come with its own set of issues and problems. The Elder Scrolls Online is no exception to this as their servers are struggling to let users login and play.

The Elder Scrolls Online servers are seeing more traffic than expected after the , preventing users from logging in and playing.

It looks like Bethesda hadn't quite prepared for the interest that The Elder Scrolls Online has had on consoles. The number of players trying to play seem to outnumber the server capacity at the moment, at least for the NA servers. The PS4 megaserver is currently back online after making performing a bit of maintenance.

This is actually a little surprising given the negative image surrounding The Elder Scrolls Online even following the transition to a free-to-play model (after the initial purchase of course). Users here and the general feel has been quite negative, saying the it's lackluster and doesn't provide enough unique content to keep people interested. But, regardless of that it seems to have been well received on consoles, at least enough to overwhelm the servers.

We can expect the servers to be put back online and in good shape very soon. They're working to ensure that everyone can log-in and that no progress was lost if you happened to be kicked in the middle of something.