Elder Scrolls Online Official In Upcoming Issue of GameInformer


The one thing which Elder Scrolls game lacked was a proper multiplayer mode, while the Elder Scrolls was always praised as one of the greatest medieval RPG's of modern day gaming the lack of online interaction was the dream of many fans. Bethesda saw the need of the gamers and has officially announced the Elder Scrolls online which will be revealed in the coming issue of Game Informers June 2012 issue, So if you were dreaming of an MMO based on the Elder Scroll games today is your dream come true!

That's right folks, in the upcoming issue of Game Infomer (June 2012) You will get to read about the Elder Scrolls Online and everything about it and related to it. While the game has just been announced there are almost little to no details about the game or its setting but if Bethesda does the same job they did with Skyrim I can safely say we have the next World of Warcraft killer right here even with a monthly subscription fee. The fan base for Elder Scrolls games is large and can definitely give World of Warcraft a run for its money if the developers make this game just right which begs the question of whether or not this game will indeed be able to steal the Frozen Throne which WoW has been sitting on for many years now?

You can find out more about the game Here and be sure to book mark the page too because that page is going to updated with new and fresh information as it comes.

Once again there are still many questions on fans minds especially the question of which platforms the game will come out on? Will it be a PC Exclusive or will it be able to push its way on to the console market too? Only time will tell for now expect a ton of news regarding this game to show up within the upcoming days.