The Elder Scrolls Online Looks Fantastic on the Xbox One, Surprisingly


This weekend The Elder Scrolls Online has been undergoing a limited public beta test on both the PS4 and the Xbox one, and Eurogamer has been able to make a few videos showing us how it looks and plays on the Xbox One.

The Elder Scrolls Online looks surprisingly fantastic on the Xbox One, even during a beta.

Thankfully, and rightfully so, there is no NDA for this beta test. That makes sense considering that the full game and all elements are accessible on the PC version anyway. But alas, it looks great! And this is only the beta version.

The Xbox One version of The Elder Scrolls Online plays just as how you'd expect, smooth and with few actual issues. The draw distance seems to be a bit lower than what's achievable on the PC, but overall the textures and other elements look perfectly great.

Quite frankly even the beta version in its current state seems quite great. Being a beta version, however, means that there is always room for improvement in the future, meaning that graphics ad gameplay can be further refined to make the proper transition to the console space.

But how does the PS4 version stack up? Probably a bit better in the graphics department, though at this stage things are probably equal with the focus being on getting the other elements right.

Currently The Elder Scrolls Online is still expected to be released on June 9th 2015. So look for more details the closer we get to the release date.