Elden Ring Registered 215 Million Hours Watched in Just Over a Month


Elden Ring proved to be an incredible commercial success with over 12 million units sold in just about three weeks since its launch. These days, however, there are more ways to measure the overall popularity of a game, including its success on streaming platforms.

Wccftech received some data and comments from the streaming analytics platform Stream Hatchet and from the looks of it, Elden Ring was a massive success on YouTube and Twitch, too. Overall, FromSoftware's title already registered 215 million hours watched, far more than any other game released by the Japanese studio.

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Though it’s only been released for just over a month, Elden Ring has garnered 215 million hours watched, more than any other FromSoftware game. It also hit a peak of over a million concurrent viewers in the first week and breached Steam’s top five games by peak concurrent players at 952,000.

Released 11 years ago back in 2011, a few years before Twitch gained popularity, Dark Souls has garnered a total of 97 million hours watched on live streaming platforms. While Stream Hatchet only has data going back to May of 2016, we can look at how these games have either maintained popularity over time or dropped off from live streaming. While Dark Souls was only garnering about 100K hours watched each week from 2016-2017, popularity began to increase as live streaming continued to grow. When Dark Souls Remastered was released in spring of 2018, the game saw a resurgence, getting over 10 million hours watched in just one month.

Their 2015 release of Bloodborne has been less popular to stream, but still garnered 60 million hours watched since we started tracking in 2016.

Dark Souls III, released 2 months before Stream Hatchet started tracking live streaming data, garnered 161 million hours watched in the six years since. In May of 2016 it gained almost 9 million hours watched. The next year, with the release of the Fire Fades Edition, the game had a resurgence in live streaming, gaining over 6 million hours watched. During the height of the pandemic in summer 2020, it had another resurgence, getting another almost 8 million hours watched in June and July.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has only been out for 3 years and had the second most successful release from FromSoftware. In the first two weeks of release, it gathered almost 30 million hours watched. In the three years since its release, it had 94 million hours watched.

Their most successful release to date, Elden Ring was released at the end of February, and in just over a month, it garnered 215 million hours watched on streaming platforms. In just one month, it gained double the number of hours watched than most of FromSoftware’s other titles, which have been around for years.

It's no surprise that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco are already preparing to expand the IP beyond games. In other news, following the successful collaboration with G. R. R. Martin for Elden Ring, the next project by FromSoftware might feature a collaboration with another famous fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson.

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