Elden Ring Mounted Movement and Combat Explained


Among the essential additions to the gameplay formula originally introduced by Demon's Souls featured in Elden Ring is the ability to summon a spectral steed called Torrent that can be used to traverse the vast open fields of the Lands Between and take on enemies while mounted.

Torrent cannot be summoned right from the beginning of the game, as you will first need to obtain a particular item, the Spectral Steed Whistle. After meeting Melina and accepting her accord, the item is given to the player, which also allows players to use Runes to level up. Once the Spectral Steed Whistle has been obtained, all you need to do to summon Torrent is use it as you would with any regular item in the game. Given how often you will use it, it is an excellent idea to equip it into one of the four Pouch slots. Unfortunately, Torrent cannot be summoned everywhere, as he is not available inside dungeons and in specific overworld areas, such as when having to fight an NPC invader.

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Once summoned, Torrent is treated as a separate character from the player, having its own hit points. Enemy attacks and falling from heights can damage him, and once his HP has been depleted, he will disappear. Thankfully, it is possible to restore his health by feeding it raisins, which can be crafted by using the different types of Rowa Fruits found all over the Lands Between. If defeated, Torrent can be brought back to life immediately by using a Flask of Crimson Tears charge, which will be used automatically once the player confirms the selection after using the Whistle after Torrent has been taken down. Resting at a Site of Grace will also restore Torrent's health.

Mounting Torrent isn't just a way to make traversal faster and exploration more enjoyable in Elden Ring, but it is also a requirement in certain situations. The horse not only moves quickly, but he can also perform a double jump maneuver and a quick Stamina-based dash that makes it possible to jump over obstacles and avoid enemy attacks with ease. While mounted, players can also use light and heavy attacks, use bows and crossbows, cast spells, and use all sorts of items, from regular consumables to attack items like Fire Pots and the like.

Mounted combat is a big part of the experience, as it can make regular combat encounters against multiple enemies or giant enemies much easier. The same is true for select mounted bosses like the Tree Sentinel, whose attacks cover a lot of ground and thus would be difficult to avoid while on foot. Just make sure that Torrent doesn't get defeated while in combat, as you will be left defenseless for a short while, and you will be fully open to enemy attacks. Also, attack timings are different while on horseback, and all spells briefly slow the horse down, so make sure to get used to this before you attempt to take on more powerful enemies.

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