EK-Vector RTX Titan Water Block For The Flagship NVIDIA Titan RTX Graphics Card Now Available For $259.99

EK Water Blocks has finally released the much awaited EK-Vector RTX Titan water block for NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics card. The EK-Vector RTX Titan allows owners of NVIDIA's flagship graphics card to take full advantage of custom loop liquid cooling while retaining the premium look of the NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics card.

NVIDIA Titan RTX Gets Premium EK-Vector RTX Titan Water Block, Available Now For 249.95€ / $259.99

The EK-Vector RTX Titan is a full cover water block that offers direct cooling to the GPU, VRAM, and VRMs. The water block utilizes a larger surface area for heat transfer which offers much better GPU thermals than EK's previous water blocks.

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This special edition water block features a redesigned cooling engine that has a larger footprint compared to the previous generation of EK Full Cover water blocks. This results in a larger surface area for heat transfer which increases the thermal performance of these water blocks. The EK-Vector Series water blocks use an Open Split-Flow cooling engine design which proved to be a superior solution for GPU water blocks.

It is characterized by low hydraulic flow restriction, which means that it can be used with weaker water pumps, or pumps running on low-speed settings and still achieve top performance. The jet plate and fin structure geometry have been optimized to provide even flow distribution with minimal losses and optimal performances even when used in reversed water flow scenarios.

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The NVIDIA Titan RTX is a stunning graphics card and having it liquid cooling means that you'd have to get rid of the beautiful cooling shroud but fear not, the base of the water block is CNC machined out of gold plated electrolytic copper and the top is CNC machined out of black POM acetal. This will let you retain the beauty of your graphics card while taking full advantage of liquid cooling.


Package Details:

- EK-Vector special edition high-performance water block
- Mounting mechanism with screw-in brass standoffs
- Necessary mounting screws, nuts, and washers
- 2x Nickel plated brass plug G1/4”
- 6mm Allen key
- Thermal pads
- Thermal grease EK-TIM Ectotherm (1g)


The water block also comes with an aesthetic corner piece that has the Titan logo and is lit up by a special LED light diffuser. The block is fully compatible with RGB sync technologies from all major board makers. And for those who want a single-slot design rather than the reference dual-slot, EK has bundled the water block with a single-slot I/O bracket which lets you do just that. The EK-Vector RTX Titan is now available for 249.95€ or $259.99 and would start shipping on 5th of April. The block is also compatible with multiple NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards and you can check out the full support list to see whether it fits your custom RTX 2080 Ti.

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