Eight Gears of War 3 Videos released

Rizwan Anwer

If the recent news of Gears of War 3 getting delayed has got you down in the dumps, well Microsoft may have found a way to earn back your fandom for the game.

Gears of War 3 is without a doubt the biggest franchise of Microsoft and Epic Games. These videos will definitely help increase fan hype for the game when its released and definitely help set record sales which might break Halo: Reach's record. The only thing I'm wondering right now is whether this game will come with support for Microsoft Kinect or not? This game paired up with Kinect would be a truly unique experience for all 360 gamers out there.

Let's hope Microsoft decides to make this game Kinect compatible, though with all the action in it I am pretty sure that people will definitely get exhausted by the end of the 2nd or 3rd stage MAX. I mean have you seen how intense a Gears of War game can get? especially when your main focus is Chainsaw Bayonetting those damn Locusts.

Eight videos have surfaced on YouTube showing footage from Gears of War 3 being demonstrated at EuroGamer:


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