EA Systems Crashed – Online Multiplayer Stops Working For All EA Titles

Fahad Arif

Electronic Arts has just announced that online multiplayer for all titles has stopped working. The systems that handle the online multiplayer of EA games have crashed. Electronic Arts runs Origin, a large online community that offers multiplayer for some of its very famous titles.

EA Computer Systems Crashed – Online Multiplayer Stops Working Across All EA Titles

EA handles and runs online game services and multiplayer servers for almost all of its titles, some of them such as Battlefield and Fifa series get massive number of online players. But as we know, Electronic Arts has the messiest online servers with a lot of bugs, lag and of course server-down problems. But this time the problem is really big, concerning not online multiplayer for not only one but all titles.

EA has just announced via its support page that the systems that handle online game services such as gameplay, matchmaking, and login for all Electronic Arts titles have crashed and so the players would not be able to play their games online until EA gets the systems up and running again.

The post on the  support page reads:

“Our systems that handle online gameplay, matchmaking, and login are offline for all of our titles.

This means that you may unable to play online or may get dropped from multiplayer matches, and will not be able to login to EA sites.

We are aware of this problem are we are working hard to fix things as quickly as possible. We apologize for the interruption and thank you for your patience while we fix the problem.”

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