EA Using Feedback for Battlefield Hardline

EA has released a list of improvements made to Battlefield Hardline since the inception of both the closed and the currently ongoing open beta test. They’ve listed 15 total improvements that should have a noticeable affect on gameplay that have been a direct result of feedback from the Battlefield Hardline community itself.

To better help us understand what they're doing during development, they say they’ve done the following:

  1. Renamed the mechanic class to something more appropriate to the game; Gadget Master.
  2. Cleaned up the customization screen in order to make it more intuitive to actually change your gear.
  3. Added more objects that players can interact with. They specifically mention that you should be prepared to play with the usual spread of doodads to include radios.
  4. Lengthened the rounds in Heist and Blood Money mode will be longer.
  5. Lessened the number and frequency of explosions that happen on the various maps and game modes.
  6. Cleaned up the HUD to differentiate it from Battlefield 4 and to make it easier to read.
  7. Implemented stronger vehicles, though not going so far as to make them reminiscent to tanks and APC’s of the previous titles.
  8. Tweaked the audio engine to include louder environmental cues and a better propensity for positional audio.
  9. Adjusted the interrogation mode.
  10. Increased movement speeds to better fit the less laden characters.
  11. Adjusted the camera effect to be less prevalent when being suppressed by enemy fire.
  12. Changed the conditions where one can use the Survivalist gadget to only work after explosions or from being run over.
  13. Provided increased visual feedback on the map for finding objectives.
  14. Increased the speed of vehicles so that the handbrake can be a good offensive element.
  15. Adjusted how heavy armored vehicles are damaged, making it follow real life principles so that it’s easier to damage a vehicle from below or behind.

This open communication with the community at large is seemingly a move to restore confidence in their ability to release games in more a more complete and finished state. Battlefield 4 is still a recent memory of what can happen if one doesn’t listen to or properly beta test a game. It’s unfortunate that Battlefield 4’s multiplayer component didn’t exactly feel finished upon release, despite EA and DICE’s best efforts to the contrary right after its release. Even today there are still comments regarding the relative finish that Battlefield 4 exhibits. Overall this should prove to have only positive benefits for the release of Battlefield Hardline, giving it a chance to come out of the gates as a complete package. Has anyone else here noticed any positive benefits to the changes that they’ve made? Perhaps any negative observations?

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