EA Announces Upcoming Cloud Gaming Technical Trial

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You might remember that Electronic Arts briefly talked about Project Atlas almost a year ago, discussing its concept for cloud gaming. Today, EA Chief Technology Officer Ken Moss announced that a technical trial for cloud gaming is on its way and interested users can register for it via the Community Playtesting portal.

Moss also revealed there'll be four games in the trial (FIFA 19, Titanfall 2, Need for Speed Rivals, and Unravel). Additionally, cross-play and cross-progression with Origin PC will be part of the test.

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As part of the trial, we’re testing the technical functionality of cross play that will allow players to play the games they love with others no matter where, or on what device, they have chosen to play — a major step toward cloud gaming finally uniting platforms in play. It will also allow for players to be able to save their progression on one platform and have that reflect in another. In fact during this trial, players in the cloud gaming trial can engage with the live PC environment on Origin. Players will also be able to test out their cross progression when they log in to PC after the conclusion of the trial. This is a very tangible connection between what is possible now and the future we aim to create.

With Google Stadia coming in November and Microsoft's Project xCloud due for public trials later this year, cloud gaming will certainly be a huge topic in these last few months of 2019. Stay tuned on Wccftech for all the latest coverage.

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