EA Announces It Takes Two, Lost in Random and Rocket Arena “EA Originals”


During yesterday’s EA Play conference, the publisher announced three new “EA Originals”, including Rocket Arena, It Takes Two, and Lost in Random.

“We recognized the inspiring vision, talent, and innovation coming from these independent studios and how that will become amazing game experiences for our players across the world, wherever they choose to play,” said Steve Pointon, SVP 3rd Party Content & Development at Electronic Arts. “The EA Originals label is all about delighting all of our players with stunning and diverse games coming from the very best and boldest independent studios across the world and supporting that talent to help realize their vision.”

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Launching first next month on July 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Rocket Arena is developed by the veteran-led multiplayer specialist studio, Final Strike Games. The hero arena shooter will feature cross-play support, set in the world of Crater.

Developed by Seattle based Final Strike Games, a veteran-led multiplayer specialist studio, Rocket Arena is a newly evolved cross-play hero arena shooter where players and teams master the art of the rocket through a roster of diverse heroes, customizable play styles and highly competitive action. Set in the vibrant World of Crater, Rocket Arena introduces new blast and recovery mechanics, powerful rocket launchers that can be used in combat or to propel heroes around the map and signature character abilities to create a completely new shooter experience. The game will also feature regular seasonal events packed with free content, including new heroes, maps and in-game events.

The first season of Rocket Arena will launch on July 28, two weeks after the game’s launch.

“Rocket Arena is a celebration of our team’s experience and love of working on multiplayer shooters. We’re excited to have our uncompromised vision for the game be realized with the support of EA Partners and for everyone to start playing it next month.” – Kevin Franklin, Co-Founder of Final Strike Games.

Releasing next year is Josef Fares’ new IP – It Takes Two from A Way Out developer Hazelight. “It Takes Two is a crazy beautiful world, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before”, Fares said. “We can’t wait for everyone to experience the magic of our co-op gameplay that disrupts everything gamers typically expect from a platformer game.”

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Also releasing next year is Zoink’s Lost in Random – a gothic fairytale action-adventure for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

As another new IP set in a twisted dystopia where uncertainty and chaos are feared, the game follows Even, a courageous young girl, and her living dice companion, Dicey. Together, the two embark on a perilous journey where they must learn to embrace the unknown and play the hand they’ve been dealt, in a bid to break the curse of Random.

“Everyone can relate to feeling helpless about juggling all the randomness and chaos that occurs in their life”, Zoink game director and CEO Klaus Lyngeled said.  With Lost in Random, we hope to transport our players to an alternate world where they can find power in that randomness.”

We'll update as soon as we learn more about these new EA Originals.