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E3 2015, Hollowpoint Hands On, 2.5D Done Right


There are a lot of big names in gaming coming back either at the end of this year or sometime soon within the next year. But there are also some surprises that you might not have heard of, but should. Hollowpoint is just one of those games, and it's pleasing in nearly every way.

Hollowpoint is a 2.5D tactical shooter done right, and even the early build is incredibly fun.

First, a disclaimer, I'm not a side-scrolling adventure or shooter fan like I used to be. The SNES was nearly the epitome of representation of the genre, and I've never delved too deeply into it since then.

But Hollowpoint has changed that. It's a fantastic representation of how that half a dimension can really be integrated into making a compelling game. Of course having enemies rush you from all conceivable directions isn't necessarily a new concept, but the seamless transition into a 3D targeting system is what sets it apart. Aiming is easy, fluid, and it was pretty easy to get headshots, even from a distance. The aiming really gives Hollowpoint something big to brag about, it's just that great.

The cover system is fairly easy to use as well. To do so you have to wait for the object to be highlighted before the button will accept the command and it wasn't always receptive to my button presses, but being an early build bugs like that are expected. Cover doesn't afford you invulnerable protection, but it certainly helps.

The best part about Hollowpoint, however, has to be the cooperative play. I was lucky enough to have a veteran side-scroller beside me that saved me from a lot of trouble as I adjusted. But it was a quick adjustment, and the time flew by very quickly. You do indeed get sucked in. You can play with up to 4 of your friends.

The procedurally generated levels add something unique you'll never find anywhere else, too. Each time you play it'll always be different than the last, objectives are placed in the same random way, making for a replay factor many times greater than a lot of games.

The action can get very intense, bullets flying towards you from everywhere, enemies using cover and concealment while rushing towards you. They also try to stay behind shield drones as they creep up to you. It's all very quick, and you have to manage your abilities with your weapons, being mindful of ammo. The melee attack, however, was quite powerful and very useful. Overall, the best 2.5D shooter experience I've had in a long time. This is a game to watch that has a lot of potential. It's a surprise, and should be accessible to anyone looking for a good shooter.

In Hollowpoint you command a squad of Hollowpoints, highly skilled mercenaries to complete contracts assigned to you by an Organization seeking to capitalize on the instability between warring corporations. You get to be very violent as you complete these missions with a variety of great looking weapons, earning money and XP to level up your Hollowpoints.