Dynamic Island Comes to Android and We Aren’t Surprised

Dynamic Island Comes to Android and We Aren't Surprised

The one thing that I love the most about the new iPhone 14 series is the Dynamic Island which is available only on the Pro variants. The new iOS feature essentially hides the new pill-shaped camera housing with information on things like notifications, timers, calls, music, pairing, and more.

It is safe to say that Android phones do not offer anything close to Dynamic Island, and sooner or later, this feature is going to become a part of the Android ecosystem one way or another. Keeping up with the tradition of "feature-borrowing", someone has gone ahead and implemented the new feature on Android.

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The Dynamic Island is One iPhone Feature I Really Want on Android

Spotted by Vaibhav Jain, there is a short clip that shows how Dynamic Island-style notifications look on Xioami's MIUI software. The theme is called Grumpy UI and is only available in the standard Chinese language. The theme has managed to hide the pin-hole selfie camera in the corner when you extend the island.

The theme developer has also mentioned to the source that the Dynamic Island update is still under review. If Xiaomi approves the theme, it is going to go live on the MIUI Themes store.

It is too early to say whether or not Xiaomi or any other Android OEM will actually adopt a version of Dynamic Island. However, credit where it is due that this feature is definitely something that's handy and clearly shows that Apple indeed did the right thing with this feature as it is a very clever way of using the available smartphone space.

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