Dying Light 2 Update Improves Ray Tracing, Adds Benchmarking Tool

Alessio Palumbo
Dying Light 2 update

A couple of days ago, Polish developer Techland released Dying Light 2 Update 1.8.1 on PC, introducing a benchmarking tool on and improving ray tracing effects. Here's a comprehensive list of the technical upgrades and fixes of this Dying Light 2 update:

  • Implemented benchmark mode, allowing users to measure their PCs performance in Dying Light 2
  • Ray tracing effects range is extended by 20%
  • LOD Range Multiplier - this feature is available in the Advanced video menu, but watch out, survivor, it takes a heavy toll on your performance!
  • Rendering and Lighting improvements
  • Low-quality preset in Video Options no longer switches to DX12 mode and sets Intel XeSS as an upscaler on PCs with AMD cards
  • Players will no longer lose their money after accepting the best and reloading the game during Twin Brothers quest
  • Players will no longer get stuck while sliding into the vent shafts
  • Don Quixote achievement will now be granted after the player unlocks all the windmills in the game
  • Fixed an issue with the game’s performance dropping after playing for more than 1 hour on some devices
  • Fixed infinite loading screen that was happening whenever a player logged out of the account right after signing in
  • Fixed an issue with sounds randomly disappearing
  • Fixed an issue with force feedback missing while playing on gamepad
  • [Xbox] Prologue forest will no longer be too dark during the daytime
  • Players are no longer able to bypass the Perfect Block tutorial
  • Fixed an issue with infected being too silent
  • [PlayStation] Fixed crash during One Day in Harran and Fame and Infamy Challenge
  • Fixed crash during the fast travel between The City and Opera
  • [RayTracing] Fixed player’s shadow missing in photo mode
  • [RayTracing] Fixed issues with corrupt lighting sources
  • Fixed Baba Yaga challenge being unplayable
  • Reduced the number of times infected will grab the player
  • AI/Player will no longer shake after getting grabbed by Biters
  • Fixed the game crashing after changing resolution from 3840x2160 to 1920x1080
  • Fixed infinite loading screen upon opening the title in offline mode on EGS Launcher
  • Optimized memory usage in d3d12 mode improving game stability
  • Exposed setting for extending rendering range of highest level of detail geometry
  • Fixed lack of player shadows in photo mode when using ray tracing
  • Improved initial load time (by up to 10s on PS4)
  • Minor improvements to texture streaming
  • Improved tree shadows (LOD)
  • Improved fog and water reflections quality

On the gameplay side, Dying Light 2 Update 1.8.1 alters the behavior of zombie Biters so that they will be aggressive. Additionally, there is now a Motion Sickness Reduction preset available in the Accessibility menu.

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