Dual Screen trend moves to netbooks thanks to Kohjinsha


The Netbook market emerged about 2 years ago and its already making huge strides compared to the Notebooks that have been around for nearly two decades now. We had already seen netbooks do multi-touch on Windows 7, turn into tablet PCs and even come integrated with cellular modems and GPS - but now, we would also have a netbook with dual screen display.

image 3

Having more than one display screen is certainly not new in computing. A lot of us use multi-monitor setups, some of which also involve notebooks. But integrating two displays into one physical device seems to be the latest trend here. We already seen the EVGA Interview with two screens capable of rotating at 180 degrees. Then there were Lenovo and gScreen's Dual Display laptops, and even Intel's prototype of a notebook with four displays. But Kohjinsha is packing the gScreen like dual sliding display tech into a 10.1" netbook, making it the ultimate multitasking netbook.

The said device runs on AMD Athlon Neo MV40 processor running at 1.6GHz with 4GB of DDR2 RAM, and Windows 7 Home Premium. It also packs, Wireless N, Bluetooth, a Fingerprint Reader, and a TV Tunner along with DirectX 10 graphics. Now only if they could turn those displays into Eyefinity...