Driveclub Sold 2M Copies, Will Be Supported For Another Year

PlayStation 4 exclusive Driveclub has officially sold more than 2 million copies. According to the developer, the team has reached this goal even before the free trial version became available via PlayStation Plus.

With such a substantial racing community going on, it shouldn't be a surprise that Evolution Studios plans to support the title at least for another year.

In terms of DLC, Driveclub players can expect new features, modes, tracks, cars and even some "big surprises". There will be monthly updates too, with the devs planning to add highly requested things such as fully customisable multiplayer lobbies, new difficulty options, more tracks, community events, extra photomode options, fine-tuning for drift mode, smarter notifications and "a lot more".

Evolution also chose to celebrate the announcement with a Double XP weekend, which is already active on all 15 cars available in the PS Plus edition; this will last until Monday, August 24.

Driveclub is a fine example of how a game can overcome a problematic launch (in case you forgot, the multiplayer portion of the game didn't work at all in the first week or so), with the continued work of its development team. Are you still playing Driveclub on your PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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