Driveclub Getting Huge Technical Updates, Tire Deformation Incoming and New Tracks


Driveclub is going to be receiving a few updates that'll bring new technical capabilities as well as new actual content, like cars. Tire Deformation is coming next month, with more on the way.

Evolution Studios gives out details of future technical and visual updates to Driveclub.

Driveclub's director, Paul Rustchynsky, took to Twitter to to answer some questions that fans had about the future of the series. It looks like Tire Deformation is going to be the first new technical feature to make it's way into the game. What effect this will have on handling and driving will be very interesting to see.

In the future we'll also see some updates to the engine that'll allow for some visual improvements. Something called self shadowing parallax occlusion mapping, which is a technique for creating shadowed definition within a surface.

And of course there'll be an infusion of new tracks coming next year sometime as well, though no hard dates have been found for those. These new updates are hot on the heels of the announcement of Driveclub Bikes that was made during Paris Games Week.

There is a possibility that this added fidelity that they wish to bring to Driveclub could have a negative impact on performance, though integration and how it'll actually work are still a ways off. It's nice to see that Evolution Studios is not sitting on their hands with even graphical updates despite being a stunning looking title for the PS4.