Dreams Final Fantasy VII Remake ‘FFVII Dreammake’ For PS4 Is Quite Amazing


Media Molecule’s Dreams is currently in Early Access on PlayStation 4 and now someone has remade the Final Fantasy VII Remake in it.

As posted on Twitter by ‘Figburn’, this amazing FFVII Remake content in Dreams was created by user ‘sosetsuken5’ and is called ‘FFVII Dreammake’.

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Aside from what can be seen in the video above, the FFVII Dreammake includes Limits, Dodging, Locking On, and more.

Dreams has yet to be officially released, but based on the user content that has been created in Early-Access, the title will have an incredible library of content in the years to come.

Media Molecule’s game creation system was released in Early-Access back in April this year. Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated for a release on PS4 on March 3, 2020.