Dreamfall Dev: Sony Support Team is Proactive and Accomodating, Microsoft Team is Not

Sony and Microsoft have given a wide space to indie developers to work on and for their latest video game consoles. Both the manufacturers have plans for providing hundreds of indie games on their latest consoles with the help of indie developers. Although, several indie game developers have reported that Sony's support for all this is much better than Microsoft's.

Dreamfall Dev Says Sony Team Proactively Supports Indie Developers, Microsoft Team does Not

With inception of new generation of consoles and games in the video game industry came a new era of independent developers. Since the latest consoles are still new to the market, independent developers are facing adversities in reaching the platform holders but both Sony and Microsoft are clearing the way for indie game developers so that they can develop new game content for both the latest consoles and promote them.

It is said that Sony's support for indie developers is more strong and committed than Microsoft's. Unfortunately, Microsoft's reported lack of interest or lets just say laziness towards supporting and helping indie developers out is leaving an adverse effect on the company's own image. The platform holder has created a special place for indie developers on Xbox One known as ID@Xbox yet still, the lack of backup from Microsoft forces indie developers to change platforms.

Ragnar Tørnquist, former Game Director for MMO role-playing survival horror video game developed by Funcom known as The Secret World and now Founder of Red Thread Games, the developer of Dreamfall chapters, also went through what both Sony and Microsoft do with the indie developers and via a series of tweets, he voted positive for Sony's support for indie developers while negative for Microsoft's support.

Apparently, Ragner went to the both platform holders representing his development studio. From what he tweets, it looks like Sony treated him proactively but Microsoft did not have time, as he said, getting response from Microsoft is difficult. Ragner said in the start that Sony team, including Adam Boyes and Shahid Kahmal, has been really helpful and their support has been accommodating and proactive. However, same can not be said for Microsoft.

To clear out any misconceptions about the developer's upcoming game, Ranger mentioned that the tweets shared above confirm in no way that Dreamfall Chapters is going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Next-gen plans of the developer remain "unannounced". However, more will be revealed "soon."

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