Dreamcast Emulation Coming To Android (Video)


The Dreamcast. Nearly 11 years later, it still tugs at my heartstrings. The 9/9/99 launch; the way it felt to run from the whale in the first level of Sonic Adventure; burning hundreds upon hundreds of hours in Phantasy Star Online… perhaps it was just because I was the right age, or because I had just the right amount of free time, but the Dreamcast was the last console that made me feel like I was playing with magic.

And now, that magic is coming to Android. Not officially, mind you — but through a different sort of magic: emulation.

drk||Raziel, lead developer on the open-source nullDC project, has just released a handful of videos showing off his progress in porting the application to the not-so-little-platform-that-could. Things aren’t anywhere near perfect yet — the classics (Sonic! Soul Calibur! Ca-ca-ca-CRAAAAAZY TAXI!) all seem to boot, but graphic bugs and nasty slowness rear their stupid-faces on the regular. Given that these are the early efforts of but one or two guys doing it solely to say they did it, though, it’s still crazy impressive.

Get your brain’s nostalgia zone ready for a kick to its core, and dive into the videos below.

Sonic Adventure:

Source: Mobile Crunch