Dragonhold Story DLC Out Now as Elder Scrolls Online Goes Free to Play for a Week

Alessio Palumbo

The Dragonhold story DLC, the last one scheduled for the Season of Dragon that began with the Elsweyr expansion, has been released for Elder Scrolls Online on all platforms.

Dragonhold adds a new zone to the game with plenty of new content. The DLC is included with the ESO Plus subscription; alternatively, it can be purchased for 2,000 Crowns via the in-game store.

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Explore Southern Elsweyr

Decades ago, the once-proud region of Pellitine was devastated by a terrible plague and fire. Those that remain struggle to survive in a world reduced to ruin and beset by bandits, slavers, and worse. Only in the southern capital of Senchal does a small bastion of defenders hold firm against the chaos. However, a rage of Dragons invades from the north, and Southern Elsweyr once again stands on the precipice.

In the Dragonhold DLC, you can explore this new zone, uncover its history, and confront its many tormentors. Similar in size to previous DLC story zones, such as Clockwork City or Murkmire, you’ll discover tons of unique quests, bosses, delves and more, and journey through a scarred-but-vibrant world full of adventure.

Join Sai Sahan & Restore the Dragonguard

In the Dragonhold main story questline, you can join Sai Sahan as he reforges the ancient order of Dragon hunters known as the Dragonguard. Only if you work together to uncover the secrets of this long-lost organization do you have a chance at stopping an all-new Dragon from once again dominating Pellitine. During your adventures with Sai and his allies, you receive rewards, including new and unique collectibles. You also gradually unlock improvements and additions to the Dragonguard’s base of operations.

Conclude the Season of the Dragon

Should you complete both the Dragonhold DLC and Elsweyr Chapter main story, you unlock a series of bonus Season of the Dragon quests that conclude the epic year-long story once and for all. The great Dragon Kaalgrontiid was not destroyed during the events of Elsweyr, only delayed.

You need all of your might and the help of your most-powerful allies to put a stop to the Dragon’s plans before he can change the face of Tamriel forever.

As you venture into Southern Elsweyr, complete quests, and face the Dragon menace, you earn powerful new gear (including three new zone sets and three crafted sets), complete new achievements, and gather unique collectibles including new pets, furnishings, outfit styles, and more. Pellitine’s hidden riches await!

Dragonhold also launched alongside the free game Update 24, which packs some initial performance improvements including a memory management overhaul, a first pass for behind the scenes combat ability improvements, and the long-anticipated Looking for Group system redesign.

Last but not least, there'll be a free to play week starting today at 10 AM EST and ending next Wednesday at the same time. During this time everyone will be able to download and play the game for free (do note that on Xbox One, the Xbox Live subscription is still required).

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