Dragon Ball Z Kakarot New Mod Introduces Proper Ultrawide Support

Francesco De Meo
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot started receiving its first mods following the game's release last week, and of these first mods introduces proper Ultrawide support.

The mod, simply called Ultrawide Fix, introduces not only 4 new resolutions to the game but also proper FOV settings. The mod also removes black bars from 16:9 cutscenes.

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1.0.3 add new resolutions:

• 2560x1080
• 3440x1440
• 3840x1600
• 7680x1080

- Choose your resolution and install, all files are in the same package

- ULTRAWIDE FIX 21:9 and FOV Steam and other versions


- Removes black bars 16: 9 scenes and gameplay and Fix FOV 21:9

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a game that fans of the series will surely enjoy, as it features a faithful rendition of the Dragon Ball Z story. Where the game fails, however, is outside of the main story beats, as highlighted by Dave in his review.

The bosses, and many of the cutscenes in the game, are undeniably cool. In these moments, the game shines. I have complained about nitpicks almost incessantly in this review, and when it comes to the bosses and the bigger and better cutscenes, I shan't. When this game is firing on all cylinders, it becomes some of the best Dragon Ball fanservice we've had since Dragon Ball Super. The cutscenes are beautifully lit and animated, giving the world depth, crazy, sweeping camera angles, and big energy beam blasts. I enjoyed all of the bigger cutscenes of the game. And I say bigger because in between those, there certainly are a lot of dialogue scenes with static poses and little of interest happening. I will say though, that the side content and new scenes included in the game also ooze that same level of fan service and attention to detail which will make long-time Dragon Ball fans smile. I just don't know if many other aspects of the game will elicit the same response.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide.

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