Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Card Game Mode To Be Added By Next Major Update, Complete With Online Multiplayer


A new play mode is coming to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot with the next major update.

The latest issue of V-Jump magazine, as reported by Ryokutya2089, confirmed that a Card Game mode will be coming to the game in the future. This mode will allow players to gather cards that can be used on the field and in battle and that there will also be online battles against other players.

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V-Jump also confirmed some more details on the upcoming Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC A New Power Awakens - Part 1, which will allow players to fight against Beerus from Dragon Ball Super. According to the magazine, Beerus will be a level 250 opponent, and even the development team had a hard time defeating him, with only a 10% chance of winning.

The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC A New Power Awakens - Part 1 will be released sometime this Spring. The DLC will include characters and transformations from Dragon Ball Super and more.

Bringing characters and transformations from DRAGON BALL SUPER, this DLC will allow the fans to reach the Super Saiyan God transformation through a training against Whis, in order to face Beerus in an exclusive Boss Battle Episode.

This content can be accessed anytime during the player’s game experience, and it will allow them to use their newly acquired Super Saiyan God transformation during the main storyline!

The “A NEW POWER AWAKENS – Part 1” DLC will be available only through the Season Pass in Spring 2020, or to be purchased along with “A NEW POWER AWAKENS – Part 2” releasing later this year.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide. The game is a good role-playing game that faithfully recreates the series' most intense battles, but that does not manage to keep the same level of quality during exploration and side quests.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a mixed bag. If you're a Dragon Ball fan, this game will offer so many nice moments and make you occasionally beam from ear to ear. But then during exploration and combat, things quickly become tedious. At full price, it's hard to recommend this game, but when it becomes affordable in a sale, it'll be hard for fans to resist.