Dragon Age: Inquisition – Free Trial for Xbox Live Gold Members on Xbox One

Dragon Age: Inquisition, has been gathering Game of the Year nominations and awards for some time now. It has won the Game of the Year from numerous gaming publications, has won D.I.C.E Awards Game of the year, as well as the same title at Game Awards. Xbox One players can try out the game for a limited time.

Microsoft's official Xbox Twitter account revealed a special deal that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be available to players on Xbox One, with a subscription to Xbox Live. The offer will be available until March 16th, and the trial is limited to a six-hour period.

Dragon Age: Inquisition features a massive single player experience

Dragon Age: Inquisition features a massive single player experience, and while six hours with the game is barely enough to get a taste of what the title has to offer, the title is on sale for only $36, which considering the countless hours Dragon Age: Inquisition has to offer, is a total bargain.


A cataclysmic event plunges the land of Thedas into turmoil. Dragons darken the sky, casting a shadow over lands on the brink of chaos. Mages break into all-out war against the oppressive templars. Nations rise against one another. It falls to you and your allies to restore order as you lead the Inquisition and hunt down the agents of chaos.Explore, lead, and battle: Tough choices define your experience, and even one decision can change the course of what's to come.Wield the power of the Inquisition over the course of an epic character-driven story, and lead a perilous journey of discovery through the Dragon Age.

Dragon Age: Inquisition, is definitely one of the best games of the year, and there is absolutely no excuse not to give it a try if you are an Xbox Live Gold member. Those that are not, this is the perfect time to become one.

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