Download watchOS 4.3 Final for All Apple Watch Models – Here’s How

watchOS 4.3

The final version of watchOS 4.3 is now ready to download for everyone with any Apple Watch model. Here's how you can install it.

watchOS 4.3 Final Version is Here at Last - Features a Host of New Changes and Fixes

Apple's quest for improving the Apple Watch even further continues with the release of the watchOS 4.3 software update. Available as a free update for every Apple Watch user out there, it's a highly recommended one too. The complete set of changes are as follows, as per the over the air download.

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watchOS 4.3
watchOS 4.3

With that out of the way, it's best that you understand what is needed to be done before you go ahead and install watchOS 4.3. First and foremost, and this is important, place your Apple Watch on its magnetic charger. This is crucial, otherwise the download just won't happen. Also, make sure your Apple Watch's battery is beyond the 50% mark, even if you are on the charger. Once that is taken care of as well, just navigate to Watch > General > Software Update on your iPhone and you can start downloading the update.

The download process won't take more than a few minutes at best. But the installation stage is going to take a long, long time. In fact, you'll even get the impression that nothing is happening at this point, therefore don't be alarmed. Let everything happen on its own and in around half an hour or so, you'll be running the latest firmware from Cupertino on your Apple Watch.

Last but not the least, and this is extremely important to know - once you upgrade your Apple Watch to watchOS 4.3, there's no way you can downgrade back to any older firmware release. Same goes for beta updates as well. As soon as you jump onboard the new bandwagon, you're staying there as long as the software is in beta. Be very thorough about software updates as they appear, although we do recommend sticking to the latest release as it arrives.

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