Download Play Store 5.5.8 Here For Your Android Right Now


Google's Play Store is here exactly a month after its 5.4 update. Play Store 5.4 saw some subtle changes introduced to the platform that included a more refined interface and some home screen widgets being removed from Nexus devices only. Play Store 5 saw the software giant's popular app store being overhauled to Material Design and with the latest update you'd be sure not to miss out any key features being offered.

Download Play Store APK 5.5.8 Right Here For All The Upgrades

Aside from a much flatter look for its icon, Play STore is now very different from what veteran users were used to before the Material Design upgrade. Google's changes to the way you access various menus icons on the app store allow for an overall much more minimalistic and modern look. All these changes, and some more ensure that your application download experience for Android goes as smoothly as possible.

Play Store features a huge amount of apps, given Android's more open nature resulting in users having a lot of different options to choose from. Apps ranging from accessibility, to health, media, games and more end up making for a complete smartphone experience. After all, if it weren't for apps and all, our devices would merely be an assortment of hardware components with no means of achieving their capabilities. Google's Play Store update is also known to be quite time consuming with regards to availability and installation, so head over to the link below for Play Store's latest update, 5.5.8's APK. Download and install it on your device. It isn't too large either, so you should be done in no time, as Play Store 5.5.8's APK weighs in at only 11 MB. So give it a run and let us know in the comments section. We'll keep you updated as more upgrades become available. Cheers.

Play Store 5.5.8.