Download: Night Sky 4 is Apple’s Free App of the Week – $1 Value


Apple's free App of the Week has been reveled and it's none other than Night Sky 4. We have the details and download link right here.

Night Sky 4 is the Perfect App for Learning About Constellations & Stars - Goes Free Courtesy of Apple

There are a handful of apps available on the App Store that would make you go awe the moment you set your eyes on them. Night Sky 4 is without a doubt one of those apps and costs a solid buck on a regular day. But for a full week, you can download it absolutely free courtesy of Apple and its free App of the Week initiative.

From the App Store, here's what Night Sky 4 does:

Quickly identify Stars, Planets, Constellations and Satellites above by simply holding your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to the Night Sky!  This is all done magically.  Whether you are looking for a constellation or the International Space Station, let Night Sky 4 direct you to it.

Night Sky 4 ventures into territories no stargazing app has ever gone to before. Land on the surface of the Moon and experience Moon Tours of the Apollo 11 and Apollo 15 landing sites.

Night Sky 4 is the most beautiful and advanced stargazing app available.

In plain, simple words, Night Sky 4 is a beautifully designed stargazing app. If you're into astronomy and love to learn a thing or two about the cosmos, then this is the app worth having. Heck, I'll even go as far as saying that this app is worth one buck, but since it's gone free for a week, the deal's even sweeter.

Check out the screenshots below and see for yourself what you can except from the app once you install it on your iOS device.

Interestingly, the app features an Apple Watch extension as well, allowing you to catch up on a lot of things right from your wrist. For instance, you can get notifications whenever the International Space Station is due for a pass above your location.

Download Nighty Sky 4

The app is available to download directly from the App Store, but you can initiate the download immediately by tapping on the link below.

Take the app for a spin and let us know in the comments what you think about it. Also, you'll be pleased to learn the app works on iPad as well, so you can take your learning and discovering onto the big screen.