Apple’s Free App Of The Week: Matter for iOS [$1.99 Regular]

Aug 7, 2015

This might be one of the best App Store related news for those of you who love to post cool pictures on photo sharing services like Instagram, Shots, or even Twitter.

Apple just named Matter, a premium photo editing app for iPhone and iPad as its new App of the Week. As always, you know what happens when an app gets picked, you can download it for free and continue to receive updates even when the event is over.

For one whole week, this popular editing app for iOS is downloadable for free, saving you $1.99 to spend on something else or make an in-app purchase. If you are not familiar with Matter, basically it is one of the best mobile photo editing app out there on the platform, which allows you to create stunning 3D photos. Take a look below and you will know what we're talking about.

Matter for iOS

Once you've downloaded Matter, go ahead and take a picture or grab one from your Photos app. The app will present you with different backgrounds, a variety of effects, and most importantly, 3D objects. You can also take your photo to the next level by making it more realistic using an adjustable model’s shadow, fine-tune, opacity, and strength. Furthermore, Matter also lets you erase a portion of what's part of the photo and 'seamlessly' blend it into your photo's environment.

Not only that you can use Matter for your photos, the app is also available as video editing tool too.

Use the unique video export feature to create short animated loops of the object spinning, pulsing, and hovering in your photo. Adjust the rotation speed and direction for a different effect every time.

As we mentioned before, the app is available to download absolutely free for one whole week, and you can grab it either directly from the App Store right from your iPhone or iPad, or if you're feeling lazy, then just head over to this link and grab the app and download away.

Matter for iOS

Apple will put up another app for grabs just like this one next week, and we'll be on the lookout for it, and report back to our readers what the Cupertino giant has in store for everyone. Till then, download Matter, and be sure to let us know in the comments section what you think about the app. It would be even better if you share your creations with us using the app as well!