Download: iOS 9.3.2 Build 13F72 For 9.7-inch iPad Pro


iOS 9.3.2 (build 13F72) for 9.7-inch cellular and WiFi iPad Pro models is now available. The new build ensures the update process goes as smoothly as possible for iPad Pro users.

iOS 9.3.2 Build 13F72 For 9.7-inch iPad Pro Is Now Available To Download

When Apple released iOS 9.3.2 final for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, it came to knowledge that the aforementioned release bricked several 9.7-inch iPad Pro devices. With Error 56 showing up after the update and Apple recommending to take their devices to Apple Support, the Cupertino giant pulled iOS 9.3.2 for its 9.7-inch Pro tablet altogether.

Today, however, Apple has re-released iOS 9.3.2 for 9.7-inch iPad Pro owners, with build number 13F72, and is immediately available to download. The new update is absolutely safe to install, but we highly recommend that users should take the iTunes fresh restore route in order to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Simply connect your iPad Pro to your PC and Mac and take a backup of everything using iCloud or iTunes. Once that's out of the way, launch iTunes, click on the 'Restore iPhone' button while holding down the left Shift key (Windows) or the Option key (Mac). Select the iOS 9.3.2 IPSW firmware file for your 9.7-inch iPad Pro - linked below - and wait for iTunes to verify everything. Once your device boots up, set up everything and restore your device from the backup which you created beforehand.

You can download the iOS 9.3.2 firmware files below:

It's a welcome sign that Apple has finally fixed iOS 9.3.2 update and made things right again. But this doesn't absolutely mean that such a thing might not happen in the future. After all, if you can recall, iOS 8.0.1 was an absolutely botched update which killed off cellular capabilities of several iPhone 6 devices along with Touch ID, and still, iOS 9.3.2 turned out to be a menace for some users. In other words, software can be unpredictable in a lot of cases and errors are bound to occur. Nonetheless, it's good to see Apple acting swiftly to patch such mishaps as soon as possible.

We can only wish such a thing never happens again in the future, and we'll give Apple the golden crown if they keep things error-free for the months to come. While the rest of you should pick up their 9.7-inch iPad Pro and get updating straight away without giving it a second thought!