Download: iOS 10.2.1 & macOS 10.12.3 Public Beta Released


Apple has just released iOS 10.2.1 Public Beta 1 and macOS 10.12.3 Public Beta 1 for download.

iOS 10.2.1 & macOS 10.12.3 Public Beta Releases Have Arrived

In a surprise move yesterday, Apple released iOS 10.2.1 and macOS 10.12.3 to developers. And as you can tell already, those releases were aimed towards registered developers only. If you wanted to download those bits onto your device, you'd have to pony up $99 for an Apple Developer Program membership first. Today, we have great news, as those pieces of software are available to download via the Beta Software Program. This means you can download it for free and take it for a spin on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac right away.

In order to get started, open the following link - - in Safari, using the device you wish to install iOS 10.2.1 or macOS 10.12.3 Public Beta on. Just sign in with the Apple ID you are using on those devices, enroll, and download the update over the air. It's really that simple.

Just make sure you install these beta updates on devices that are not your daily drivers though. Despite being stable in their current form, the software you are dealing with is, essentially, 'incomplete.' There's no telling in which corner you will run into a bug or any other uncalled-for issue.

But if you are extremely adventurous in nature then it's entirely your call to run any sort of software on your device without restrictions. Just make sure you realize the consequences that come attached with running beta software on any device.

Given we are only sitting on top of the first betas of the above mentioned software, it's likely the final release will arrive in a considerable amount of time. If Apple was to push out an update, it would have done it instantly. But it seems as though the Cupertino company needs a fair amount of time testing a software that, at face value, brings nothing new at all to the table. All the changes are apparently under the hood, which might be more useful to developers and those working on different services.

We will keep you updated if there is further news regarding beta software from Apple.