Download Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallpapers [Complete Gallery]

Feb 26, 2018

Samsung's Galaxy S9 has become the talk of the town with an amazing design, and may I say, the presence of a headphone jack. The company has managed to win quite a few hearts with its sensible pricing and a focus on a few features. However, pre-orders for the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ don’t open until March 2. But, has that ever stopped us from making our current devices look somewhat newish?  You know our motto - if you can't wait, you get the wallpaper. If you can't afford, you still should get the wallpaper... You can now download Galaxy S9 wallpaper and yes, this is the real, official deal.

Download Galaxy S9 wallpaper official gallery and enjoy some new artwork

Similar to Apple's strategy, Samsung appears to be exclusively focusing on its flagship's camera setup this year. Can't wait for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 pre-orders, the first official wallpapers have arrived to get you ready for the release.

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We had already seen one Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpaper ahead of its launch yesterday (downloadable here). However, the latest lot brings all the artwork that Samsung has showcased with its brand new Galaxy S9 duo. The wallpapers continue to carry the purple tones featured by Galaxy S8 wallpapers last year. You can now download all the available 19 Galaxy S9 wallpapers and feature them on your smartphones, tablets or notebooks since they offer a 2560×2560 resolution.

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The complete gallery is available in zip format on Sammobile.