Download: Wallpapers from Galaxy S22 Now Available for Everyone

Uzair Ghani
Latest Galaxy S22 wallpapers now available for download

You can now go ahead and download the all-new wallpapers from the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series of devices in high resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S22, 22+ and 22 Ultra Wallpapers Now Available to Download for Everyone

Samsung, once again, stunned everyone with its latest Galaxy S lineup. From the regular S22 all the way to the S22 Ultra, Samsung always brings in its A-game, and this year is no different at all.

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While the phones are up for pre-order today, and set to ship on the 25th of this month, you can already grab the wallpapers from the S22 lineup of phones. Basically, if you're gearing up to upgrade and want to hype things up on your end, or just want a taste of what's 'new' then these wallpapers are a great way to do it.

There are several wallpapers to choose from here. This includes a collection of regular wallpapers and the ones from DeX. We highly recommend the DeX versions of the wallpapers, especially if you want to use these backdrops on your PC or a Mac. An iPad or an Android tablet's screen would prefer the DeX versions of the wallpapers, too.

Usually, we tend to upload wallpapers here in low resolution along with a zip file with the highest possible resolution, but this time, we urge everyone to go ahead and download the wallpapers straight from the zip file instead (download link). We ask you to do this because you will not lose an ounce of quality and get the best possible resolution and colors without any sort of compression.

Just like any other Samsung wallpaper, these are crafted and fine-tuned for OLED displays, which makes them that much better for viewing on a device like the S21, Google Pixel 6, iPhone 13 and so on. Go ahead, take them for a spin. We know you want to.

If you are interested in learning about the new flagships from Samsung, then make sure you check out the following:

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