DOOM Teaser Footage is Short but oh so Sweet


DOOM is finally making its comeback, and boy does it look fantastic. Bethesda released an all too short teaser trailer of what we can expect from the next installment of DOOM.

Bethesda teases us with 11 short seconds of DOOM, getting us ready for their E3 announcement.

DOOM is coming back, and Bethesda has confirmed that DOOM will indeed be a topic at their E3 announcement on June 14th. The 4 seconds of actual in game footage is barely enough to whet your appetite, but it's very exciting to see. The new Revenant looks spectacular, even.

All the gore and violent action against the minions of hell is coming back for us to enjoy. If you've never played the series (including the venerable Doom 3) then you're missing out on one of the most iconic and legendary video game franchises of all time. John Carmack might not be directly involved with its development, but it should still offer the same level of awesomeness we remember.

DOOM is supposed to make use of id Tech 6, which seeks to introduce enhanced ray-tracing and even incorporate true voxels into the pipeline. Any other details are nonexistent at the moment as id Software is being very secretive about their next-generation game engine.

Not much is actually known about the new title aside from the information that can be gleaned from the short teasers that have been shown. Though it does appear that DOOM is going to feature some interesting combat mechanics, with finishing moves, unique melee strikes and you might even be able to rip off limbs to use as either weapons or to get through biometric security doors.

The return of DOOM is absolutely fantastic. The entire series has been engaging and fun to play, DOOM 3 was perhaps one of the best in the series, introducing us to the importance that lighting and shadows play on the gaming experience. I'd even go so far as to say that DOOM 3 was revolutionary, sparking interest in the survival horror genre.