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Doom Multiplayer Gameplay Showcased – Doom SnapMap Allows Content Creation on Both PC and Consoles


At E3 2015, Bethesda also showcased the first Doom Multiplayer gameplay video which is just as impressive as the single player campaign. Although short in length compared to the gameplay and single player hell videos which were also showcased, the multiplayer gives first sight an interesting developments we could expect from the next chapter in the iconic FPS title that is DOOM.

Doom Multiplayer Gameplay Showcased Along With Doom Snapmap

When the game officially launches in Spring 2016, we can expect both, a great Single Player campaign and intense Multi Player action. What Bethesda showcased today was nothing short of amazing. The gameplay showcased several players playing against each other, against AI controlled enemies and even player controlled monsters such as Revenants. Players were able to use hellish powers which were widely available in the single player campaigns on Doom 1 and Doom 2 and to some extent, even in Doom 3 with the soul cube. The return of these powers along with fast paced action shows the Id has revived one of the most renowned games of all time in a spectacular manner.

Players will be able to choose from several weapons which include chainsaws, chainguns, plasma rifles, rocket launchers, BFG (Big Fucking Gun) and the iconic double baralled shotgun. There will be several maps available to users and several modes all made using the latest IdTech 6 or IdTech 666 engine as the team at Id terms it internally. The more fascinating news was Doom SnapMap which is a new content creation and sharing tool that allows cross sharing and usability of custom user made content on both PCs and Consoles. This is a huge leap and is probably the first time we are seeing custom content creation for both PCs and next generation consoles. Using the mode, custom maps, weapons and game mods can be mode and users can easily grab them from Bethesda Net sharing panel which was also announced during the showcase. You can see more details in the video below:

DOOM SnapMap Preview

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You can view the full schedule for Bethesda’s events below:

Bethesda’s Live Stage Show Schedule | South Hall, Booth 623


1:00 pm | DOOM

Join Marty Stratton, Executive Producer at id Software, and Hugo Martin, Art Director at id Software, for a look into the next chapter of DOOM.

2:30 pm | Fallout 4
Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios, sits down for an exclusive interview about Fallout 4.


11:00 am | DOOM

Bethesda hosts a roundtable with id Software’s Marty Stratton (Executive Producer), Hugo Martin (Art Director), Garrett Young (General Manager) and Robert Duffy (Chief Technology Officer).

1:00 pm | Fallout 4

Check out an exclusive panel discussion with Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard (Game Director), Emil Pagliarulo (Lead Designer), Istvan Pely (Lead Artist), and Jeff Gardiner (Lead Producer).

4:00 pm | BATTLECRY

Join Lucas Davis, Design Director at Battlecry Studios, and Rich Vogel, Executive Producer at Battlecry Studios, for an inside look at BATTLECRY.


11:00 am | DOOM

id Software’s Marty Stratton sits down for a special interview that dives into DOOM’s strong community and the developer’s plans for getting players involved.

1:00 pm | Bethesda Softworks

Join Pete Hines, VP of PR & Marketing at Bethesda Softworks, for a recap of Bethesda’s E3 and find out what’s next for the publisher and its studios.

3:00 pm | BATTLECRY

Get an even deeper look at BATTLECRY’s maps and character classes with Victor Antonov (Visual Design Director at ZeniMax), Lucas Davis and Rich Vogel.

We will bring you any new information from Bethesda, Dishonored II, Fallout 4 and DOOM as soon as it becomes available.