The Division New Videos Detail How To Get Out Of Bounds, Raw Material Farming Method In Version 1.02

Francesco De Meo

The Division, the new third person shooter developer by Ubisoft Massive, has recently received a new update which introduced a variety of gameplay tweaks that should have improved the experience considerably. At the same time, the 1.02 update fixe some of the bugs and glitches that players have been taking advantage of since release. However it didn't take long for players to discover some new glitches that allow them to do things that shouldn't be normally possible.

The Division

A new The Division video, which has been shared by YouTube user Triliflops, shows how it's possible to get out of bounds in the 1.02 version of the game. The video also shows The Intrepid and Central Park, and you can check it our right below.

Another The Division new video has also been shared online a few hours ago, detailing a new raw material farming method that works in version 1.02. By following this method, players can get 4 weapon parts, 8 tools and 8 electronics per run. You can check out the video detailing the method right below.

With the game finally out, Ubisoft Massive is now working on the game's additional content coming throughout the year. Not much is currently known about the DLC packs coming to The Division, but it seems like the team has left plenty of hints in the game, such as an in-game map discovered recently, which seems to hint at new Dark Zone areas and possible chopper related content.

The Division is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More on the game's additional content will surely be coming soon, so stay tuned for all the latest news on the popular third person shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive.

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