The Division Teasing a Mysterious Reveal For Tomorrow.

The Division is a hotly anticipated multiplayer co-op immersive shooter. Now something seemingly innocuous has turned out to point towards a possible reveal of something interesting tomorrow.

Something new is teased for The Division.

That little document they linked to has a cryptic message with some writing from someone trying to figure out what precisely it means. A hidden message shouldn't be considered uncommon when the world is falling apart, right?

Solving that first riddle, however, brings you to another document that seems to be a treatsie on how to survive with minimal supplies. Improvising solutions, is the title, and the scribbling on the margins are personal notes about peoples experiences with survival. Even better, at the bottom is a nice flash that tells us we'll find out more about this cryptic message on the 27th, tomorrow.

What precisely it means is obviously unknown, but we're just as excited as you are about this reveal. If handled correctly, this type of open-world game could do very well on all platforms. The premise, at least, is sound and the idea of co-op is very compelling indeed.

We've previously told you that there may have been a slight downgrade in graphics, at least in what has been shown to the public (it may not be representative of the final release), but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to flop out of the gate. Generally Tom Clancy's ideas and franchises at least have a rich and compelling back-story.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has a planned release date of March 8, 2016. We will bring you any new information on Tom Clancy’s The Division as soon as it becomes available.

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