The Division The Last Stand Expansion Will Launch Simultaneously On All Formats, Online Issues Fixed

Francesco De Meo

The Division, the third person shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive, is now officially available in all regions on consoles and PC. The content included at launch isn't the only content that will be available for the game in the future, as Ubisoft will release free updates and three expansions for the game in the coming months.

The Division

A few weeks ago, Ubisoft confirmed that additional content for The Division was going to be exclusive to Xbox One for 30 days. A few hours ago, however, the publisher revealed that only the Underground and Survival expansions will be exclusive to Xbox One for 30 days, as the third and final expansion, called The Last Stand, will be released simultaneously on consoles and PC this Winter.

As some might have expected, The Division has been plagued by some issues in the past few hours, issues that have also impacted other Ubisoft titles. A few minutes ago, the publisher has confirmed that the earlier online issueis now resolved, and all services have resumed normal operation on all platforms.

Another issue affecting The Division seems to have been fixed in the past few hours. Right after the game has become available on all formats, players have had issues with the Rewards Vendor. According to reports, the Rewards Vendor has started offering the correct rewards, at least on PlayStation 4. To find them, players apparently have to scroll down all the weapons at the vendor.

The Division is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We'll let you know when all of the game's issues have been fixed as soon as possible, so stay tuned for all the latest news on the new shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive

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