The Division Gets New PlayStation 4 Gameplay Video, Showcases Madison Square Garden Mission


The Division beta is now underway on all formats and players all over the world finally have the chance to see what makes this third person shooter game so compelling. Being a closed beta, not all players can play it at the moment, but plenty of videos showcasing all versions of the game have been surfacing online in the past few hours. Another one of these videos, showcasing the PlayStation 4 version of the game, has surfaced online just a few hours ago.

The new The Division PlayStation 4 gameplay video showcases a mission set in Madison Square Garden. The video is rather long, so it's definitely a good watch for those who haven't been able to get in the game's current closed beta. You can check out the video below.

With the closed beta now running, players have started analyzing and comparing the three versions of the game. Yesterday we have provided a comparison between Ultra and Low settings on PC, showing how good the game can look on PC with the right hardware.

The Division is going to get paid expansions sometime after launch, expansions  that will feature new content as well as new gear, new gameplay types and more. Earlier this week Ubisoft revealed that the first expansion, which will be called Underground, will allow squads of up to four players to explore new territory located underground. The second expansion, which will be Survival, will see players trying to survive in a hostile environment. The third expansion will be called The Last Stand but nothing is currently known about it.

The Division will be released this March on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.